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Regressions - 2010

"With nary a repeated passage and most major pieces measuring more than 10 minutes, Regressions sounds like a personalized soundtrack to death."

--ALARM magazine

Cumberbund 12" - 2007

"...an ambitious two-song, twenty-five minute affair, and in that time and those songs, Cleric covers more bands than most bands in a lifetime."

The one that started it all...

Pillaged from an ancient tomb, the image on this shirt may or not be from the true son of the universe. It may also be 3 of the 4 members of cleric, or for that matter, Charles Manson. Regardless of the origins, this shirt WILL improve the virility of your entirely finite soul until you and it are swept into the cosmos.

Cleric's tribute to the countless indecipherable metal logos we all know and love, complete with authentic living tentacles.

Printed in pigmented discharge for a smooth finish (on black and army green t-shirts).

Straight off the disc, this is the "Regressions"-era limited edition model. Very minimal supplies available and when they're gone, baby, they're gone. Grab em up now so you can justify burning the album instead of buying one. Hey!

Grey ink on black, clear ink on chestnut.

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