Aaaaaaannnnnnd we're back...

Some of you (maybe none of you) may have noticed over the last year that this website did not exist. Or rather it did exist but you couldn't see it. That is because it was being held hostage by certain groups who shall not be named as a result of the 'game' we set up to correspond with the release of 'Regressions'. Apparently the doomsday prophecies and overall conspiracy theme set off some red flags somewhere and interested parties seized the site until we could be proven 'safe', or in our case 'mostly harmless'. It seems you can't have any 'fun' these days without someone reporting you as suspicious. Anyhoo, welcome back, again, for the first time. The game in question is now functional yet again, you can start from the start right here or look a few posts back for the rather cryptic start.

No doubt we will begin a steady output of all things interesting right here before your very eyes, but while you wait we wanted to say hi, thanks, welcome, and watch the fuck out.



We've been robbed!

This may be old news to many of you, but in case it isn't, Cleric has indeed been robbed of a great deal of our gear. It happened a couple weeks ago, and although we've regained some of our goods, a great deal of them are still missing. Needless to say, we're bummed. We've gotten some great support already by way of a site called Kickstarter. We're including a "widget" to direct anyone to the site that would be so gracious as to offer us a donation. We've got some cool rewards lined up so give us a hand if you can or just pass it along to friends. We'd love that.


Cleric to join Kayo Dot Aug. 24th!

That's right! Cleric is pleased to announce a night with Kayo Dot at Manhattan's Bowery Electric on August 24th. It is sure to be an exceptional evening of music, as they will be previewing selections from a new recording, "Satellites," (still in the works) and Cleric will be reviewing tracks from its own "Regressions." Anyone in the New York area should be sure to make it out to this... or else. Details and other goodies can be found through our various social networking droids. Check back often.

In other news, Cleric is planning a short tour for the fall with some likeminded musical outfits. Dates and lineups as yet TBD, but details will be announced as soon as inhumanly possible.

Finally, Cleric has some new merch and will continue to add to the collection on a regular basis. The store will be up this week to accomdate said additions. Be sure to visit.

Don't forget to join the mailing list. We'll be pestering you often...
A game of "RISK," Cleric-style!

As you may know our new album ‘Regressions’ comes out in 19 short days.  Well, this morning we decided to put the lyrics to all the songs on our upcoming album up online for everyone to read and enjoy, but something wasn't right.  Imagine our surprise when we discovered that some of the lyrics were missing!  Somehow it seems 19 lines of lyrics have been lost and we are asking for your help in finding  them, they must be around here somewhere…

Of course, your help in this matter is not merely on a pro-bono basis, we are willing to pay dearly for our missing lyrics, so we are offering the following to anyone who finds them all –

An autographed copy ‘Regressions’, a rare copy of 'The Underling' ep, a Cleric t-shirt, a piece of wood from the door on our album cover, a fragment of skull, a lock of our hair, some stickers and buttons, a small assortment of baked goods, and a sweet mix CD we will make especially for you with 19 of our favorite songs.

Now, we know what you are thinking (as always) – “How will I do this?”  Well, with that attitude you won’t find anything, that’s for sure, you have to ask the right questions to get the right answers and exact phrasing is the key.  Instead we recommend searching for “How will I have already done this?”   See where that gets you, and if you see any little bits of red thread laying around that’s a good sign you have found some lyrics, so keep your eyes open and your speakers switched on. 

This is very much not a joke.  You will need to find the actual lyrics from songs on our upcoming album, we are not asking you to make up new ones, that would be silly.  If you can find the lyrics, you win the package, multiple winners, multiple packages, simple as that, everything you need to get started is in this message, let’s begin…
Joyous Day! Cleric Sings! "Regressions comes!"

Actually, Cleric generally speaks in a very even tone even when spoken rudely to.

In all sincerity, we're very, very pleased to be offering a massive 76-minute pile of gooish residue compressed onto audio disc, or in some cases, gaseous waveform, and we're especially pleased to be under the strange and all-imposing "Umbrella of Mimicry." The album, called "Regressions" is our first effort of this magnitude and after a deep immersion exercise in Menegroth: the Thousand Caves, we feel especially proud for this to finally be presented, especially in such a manner.

So, stick around in the land of Cleric and have some damn fun already. "A Rush of Blood" is a brand new track that can be observed comfortably in the media section. As far as purchasing goes, get the jump on things(especially if you're concerned with personal coolness)

More to come...

This is the new web based chronicle of the band most commonly referred to as 'Cleric'.

At this time know that order is still being maintained in most metropolitan areas, albeit at a high psychic cost to a small group of symbiotically sentient psyonic humanoids engineered for the sole purpose of defending mankind from certain anomolies that threaten reality.

This defense will not endure.

Cleric's debut full-length album titled 'Regressions' will be released April 27th by Web of Mimicry Records. Pre-Order coming soon.

More to come, thank you for paying us a visit on such a beautiful day.

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how will i have already done this?